The new brochure on Aluzinc

Putting £££’s back on to your bottom line in tough times is a difficult proposition, but this new brochure on Aluzinc from Swedish Steel may show component manufacturers how to get rid of a costly stainless steel item, how to get rid of outsourced plated items, or how embossing can thin components down and make them more attractive to your clients.

More than 70 photographs will suggest new ideas and approaches to chassis and component manufacturers. Can you afford not to ask for this brochure? Give Gary Matthews a ring on 01384 74660 (or look at

The brochure demonstrates examples of deep drawing, spot welding, pressing, roll forming, screen printing and press forming. The ability to apply shallow profiles or embosses or both to Aluzinc is a Swedish Steel speciality, which enhances Aluzinc with stiffness and aesthetics.

The resulting use of often-thinner sheet is a fiscal bonus.

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