The New Leica T-Scan TS50 high-speed hand scanner

Leica T-Scan TS50 is a high-speed hand scanner for large-volume portable applications. This second-generation Leica T-Scan is 20 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than the original Leica T-Scan introduced in 2005.

Leica T-Scan requires neither photogrammetric targets nor powdering of object surfaces and is impervious to changing environmental light. Because the laser beam consists of individual dots, their intensity can be adjusted on the fly so surfaces of different reflective properties, from shiny to black, can be scanned in one step with no action required from the operator. Leica T-Scan scans large objects more accurately and 50 percent faster than comparable products.

Generating point-cloud data means nothing if your software is bogged down with processing millions of data points. We have focused as much attention on the development of T-Scan collect software as we did to the hardware. Point-cloud data is immediately usable for real-time on-screen analysis to analyze discrepancies by overlaying the actual scanned data over CAD data, or for reverse-engineering applications using software packages such as PolyWorks V10.

Leica T-Scan features include:

• Measurement volume of up to 30m [98ft]
• 20% weight reduction for improved portability and ease of use on demanding jobs
• 30% smaller volume for easier access to tight spaces with difficult geometries
• Optimized marker positions for more accurate 6DoF readings over the full range of scanner positions
• “Instant Temperature Compensation” for measurements in almost any environment
• Enhanced operator feedback with new intuitive LED pattern for accurate information about optimal scanning distance
• Improved ergonomics with optimized handle design – plus reduced weight – make Leica T-Scan the most comfortable-to-work-with hand-held scanner in the industry
• Class 2 eye-safe laser
• Measuring depth: 75mm [2.9″]
• Scan width: 90mm [3.5″]
• Mean measuring distance: 83mm [3.3″]

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