The replacements

Two IrDA serial infrared (SIR) transceivers with the smallest available package dimensions on the market were announced recently by Vishay Intertechnology.

Vishay’s new TFBS4650 and TFBS4652 measure 1.6mm (H) x 6.8mm (L) x 2.8mm (D). Used as drop-in replacements for the HSDL3208 and HSDL3209, the Vishay transceivers offer a 25% lower 75-µA idle current and a 36% higher 12.5-mW/sr transmit intensity.

Aimed at data transfer applications in mobile phones, camera phones, smart phones, and PDAs, the new transceivers enable longer on-axis transmit distances with lower power consumption. The TFBS4650 and TFBS4652 also enable mobile phones and PDAs to function as Universal Remote Controls for televisions, DVD players and recorders, and other home appliances over a range of 5.5 meters.

The operating voltage range of the TFBS4650 and TFBS4652 is from 2.4V to 3.6V. The TFBS4650 I/O voltage is dependent on the voltage of the external power supply. The TFBS4652 I/O voltage can be as low as 1.5V, allowing direct connection to a microcontroller’s I/Os with 1.5V or lower logic. Integrated EMI protection eliminates the need for an external shield.

Both devices are lead-free and capable of lead-free processing, as well as being fully compliant with the European Union’s RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC environmental directives. The transceivers are also fully compliant with IrDA Physical Layer and IEC60825-1 Class 1 Eye Safety specifications.