ABB and ESAB have joined forces to create the ultimate arc welding robot – designed for ‘plug and play’ within half a day.  Combining the best of each partner’s expertise in welding and automation, the new, comprehensive package includes ABB’s versatile, high performance IRB1600, IRB1600ID or IRB2400L robots, ESAB’s Aristo™ W82 Integrated robot package and the user’s preferred choice of torches.

The robots are available directly from ABB factories and are ideal for the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  The Aristo™ W82 robot package is also ideal for the retrofit of existing robots, giving them a new welding life.  The robots feature ESAB’s Aristo™ W82 robot package – a complete set of welding equipment and consumables, based on the latest digital power source technology. 

The package consists of:
• The Aristo™ Mig 3001i, 4001i and 5000i inverters.
• The Aristo™ W82 Integrated interface.
• The Robofeed 3004w ELP encapsulated wire feeder.
• Cable packages.
• The Marathon Pac™ bulk drum with robot quality welding wire.

Aristo™ Mig inverter based power sources – designed specifically for robotic MIG/MAG welding in metal fabrication industries – represent ESAB’s latest generation of digital power sources, offering up to 500A/39V at 60% duty cycle.

The Aristo™ W82 Integrated interface is built-into the ABB’s IRC5 robot control unit, which has a major advantage in the sense that both the robot and the power source can be operated from a single pendant.  The power sources are easy to use with the user-friendly W82 control facilities which feature the full library of ESAB and ABB synergic lines developed for thin-plate welding.  Intelligent ESAB process functions such as Qset™, SuperPulse™ and Weldpoint™ are included.

The Robofeed 3004w ELP encapsulated, robot mounted wire feeder is 4-wheel driven.  It has all important functions for robotic welding such as manual forward and reverse inching, shielding and cleaning gas purge, gas sensor, air test and anti-collision detection, motor current control which are accessible through the IRC5 control unit.  ESAB’s TrueArc-Voltage™ system is built-in for continuous measurement of the arc length.  Windows in the casing allow visual inspection of the feeding mechanism without having to open the feeder. The wirefeeder is easy to connect/disconnect by using quick connectors.  The Robofeed 3004w ELP features the ELP (ESAB Logic Pump) switch that ensures water cooling is only provided when a water-cooled torch is connected.

Cable packages connecting the Aristo Migpower sources to the Robofeed 3004w ELP wire feeder are available in 7.5m and 10m lengths for the ABB IRB 1600, IRB 1600 IDand IRB 2400L welding robots.  Other lengths are available on request. 

ESAB’s Marathon Pac™ family offers a choice of three drum sizes for a variety of wire types – including robotic quality wires such as OK AristoRod™, Matt Stainless types and 1.2mm OK Tubrod 14.11, all of which can be incorporated in the Aristo™ W82 robot package.

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