The wind in Spain

Endesa has begun a €86.9m project to build two wind farms in the town of Valle de Sedano in the province of Burgos, Spain.

The Las Pardas and Cantiruelas wind farms, which have a capacity of 49.5MW and 15MW respectively, will be built through Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovables and Prorener.
The farms will be built next to the Otero 20/132kV substation in Burgos, which is also part of the project.

The combined power plant will be able to generate 64.5MW of power, which could be broken down into 2,500 hours of average wind power with an output of 160,000MW-h a year, enough to power 40,000 homes for a year.

Both farms will have 33 turbines, each with a capacity of 1,500kW, with rotors measuring 77m in diameter and hubs 80m off the ground. The energy will be transmitted via a 20kV line to the 20/132 kV Otero collecting substation. A 12km long 132kV high voltage line will then transmit the energy to the currently active La Lora transformer station which will produce 540MW.