Last week’s poll: Impact of China and US ratifying Paris Agreement

In last week’s poll we asked about the possible outcomes of China and the US ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Chart_Sept 13

By way of a recap, 195 countries at COP21 signed the agreement, which only comes into force when ratified by at least 55 countries that collectively produce 55 per cent of global emissions.

The US and China are responsible for around 40 per cent of the global total and 37 per cent of respondents thought their signatures would have little impact until the 55 per cent threshold is met.

Slightly behind on 34 per cent were the respondents that thought ratification would encourage the UK and others to sign the agreement, and 14 per cent thought the outcome would be the acceleration of low carbon technologies.

Of the remaining 15 per cent, four per cent thought that other nations might increase their emissions as a result of other countries agreeing to cut their output, and 11 per cent couldn’t find a fit with the options given.

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