TOW missile contract for Raytheon

Raytheon has received a contract with five one-year options that has an initial value of $163.2m to provide heavy anti-tank, precision assault missiles for the US military.

Under this contract, Raytheon will deliver the new wireless version of TOW missiles that receives commands from the gunner through a wireless data link.

Because the wireless system is built into the missile and the missile case, wireless TOW works with existing launch platforms, including the Improved Target Acquisition System, Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem, TOW 2 Subsystem and M220 Ground TOW.

The system performs exactly as the wire-guided version, enabling soldiers to continue using the weapon without changing tactics or having to undergo additional training.

TOW remains the army and Marine Corps’ primary heavy anti-tank and precision assault weapon deployed on more than 4,000 TOW launch platforms including the Army Stryker, Bradley Fighting Vehicle System and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.