TSB offers funding for climate-change building strategies

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is to invest a further £2.3m to help building design teams develop strategies for buildings in the UK so that they are better able to adapt to the changing climate.

The focus of the strategies will be on improving building resilience and adaptation, which is expected to extend the commercial viability of the buildings.

‘We are already designing and constructing new buildings that are more energy efficient and have lower levels of CO2 emissions, compared to existing buildings,’ said Richard Miller, head of sustainability at the Technology Strategy Board.

‘The next challenge is to make sure our buildings are resilient and adaptable to the climate change that will take place over the coming decades.

‘There is a significant market opportunity for design teams to develop climate-adaptation services to respond to forthcoming changes in standards and regulations.’

The organisations leading the 24 building projects, at costs in excess of £5m, include BioRegional Quintain, Buro Happold (two projects), Exeter City Council, Miller Construction (UK), Octavia Housing and Thanet District Council.  

Each of the successful applicants will be awarded a contract of up to £100,000.

This is the second part of the Technology Strategy Board’s Design for Future Climate funding competition. The first ran in 2010 and provided funding totalling £2.5m for 26 building projects.