UK composites researchers sign MOU with Luxembourg team

In what’s been hailed as a promising example of ongoing collaboration between UK and European researchers, the UK’s National Composites Centre (NCC) has signed a collaborative innovation agreement with Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).


The agreement sets out to advance the innovation capability and capacity across the two organisations and is expected to further advance exploitation of the opportunities of composites for the UK. LIST has particular expertise in bio-based materials, nano additives and life cycle analysis, all of which are of interest to the NCC.

The MOU between the NCC – which is part of the HVM Catapult – and LIST is based on a model that the NCC has used before with institutions such as the Japanese National Composites Centre and the Stichting Thermoplastic Composites Centre in the Netherlands, alongside University research groups across the world including the University of Bristol.

Commenting on the agreement with LIST Alison Starr, Executive Director Strategy & Business at the NCC said: “This is an exciting opportunity for the NCC. We have established a world leading position in composites technology and our open innovation environment has led to many collaborative projects over the last 5 years. This MOU further enhance our capability to support and advance our knowledge and expertise, therefore enabling us to deliver the best for our customers.”

Commenting on the deal, Dick Elsy, Chief Executive of the HVM Catapult said: “Despite the challenges posed by the Brexit vote in the UK, the innovation community in Europe continues to get on with the job and to collaborate. This MOU with our colleagues from LIST in Luxembourg is a great example of partner nations recognising that innovation has no boundaries and that we need to bring together the best in Europe to be competitive in a global market”.

Based in Bristol, the NCC supports industry in research and development for composites products and manufacturing processes.