UK plc mismanaged

North west training provider Alliance Learning is calling on businesses to invest in management training after one in 12 UK firms were found to be badly managed.

The findings come from a recent worldwide study of management practices and productivity conducted by the London School of Economics (LSE), McKinsey & Co. and StanfordUniversity.

The study of over 4,000 companies around the world blamed the poor performance of British businesses on a lack of management training and a high share of ‘traditional family firms’, where management positions were handed down to family members without appropriate training.

Ian Chadderton, management training co-ordinator with Alliance Learning commented: ‘These are alarming statistics and businesses should take heed. Mismanagement costs businesses much more in the long run than training, and management training, whether it’s for first line managers or team leaders, is invaluable for any company. Managers today need to be aware of and kept up to date with employment legislation, health and safety law, management practices and a whole range of issues in the workplace.’

The Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) shows the highest levels of staff turnover for five years.

‘High staff turnover is counter productive,’ warned Ian. ‘Businesses need to train their managers not recycle them. The benefits of having a properly trained management team are measurable in motivation, staff retention, quality and productivity.’

Alliance Learning is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to offer a range of accredited management courses for first line and junior managers covering core and specialist areas of leadership and management.