UK’s largest pilot carbon-capture plant opens

The UK’s largest carbon-capture pilot plant has opened at Ferrybridge power station in West Yorkshire.

The project, a collaboration between SSE, Doosan Power Systems and Vattenfall, supported by the Technology Strategy Board, DECC and Northern Way, is said to be the first of its size to be integrated into a live power plant in the UK.

According to a statement, the plant bridges the gap between the various pilot-scale trials that are under way and the commercial-scale demonstration projects envisaged by the UK government, as it captures 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day from the equivalent 5MW of coal-fired power-generating capacity.

Ian Marchant, SSE chief executive, said: ‘The development of viable carbon-capture technology is central to the UK’s climate-change and energy-security objectives.

‘What we have here today at Ferrybridge will provide an invaluable source of reference and learning for the industry as a whole.

‘This pilot project is all about carbon capture on coal. However, if we are to be successful in reaching our carbon-reduction targets, we also need it on gas, which is why SSE is seeking to develop a larger, commercial-scale demonstration at our Peterhead gas-fired station.’