USB battery gets charged up

Portable power company Moixa Energy has unveiled USBCELL, a rechargeable AA battery which can charge from any USB port without the need for any recharging devices, cradles or cables. The lid pops up to reveal a built in connector and charger which can be plugged into any powered USB port on a desktop, laptop, keyboard or games console to charge the battery.

The battery is not subject to the memory effect, by which batteries that are not fully discharged lose the ability to recharge fully. USBCELL recharges to 90 per cent in five hours, but Moixa says charging for just a few minutes provides extra hours of instant use for most input devices.

The batteries are AA NiMH, deliver 1.2v and 1300ma, and can also be recharged in standard rechargers. One drawback is the unit provides about 30-40 per cent less capacity than a standard rechargeable battery, owing to the space occupied by the USB plug.

USBCELL batteries can be recharged around 500 times. Both the packaging and the battery can be recycled. They save additional energy because they do not need to be used in conjunction with charging cradles, which are typically left switched on when not in use.

Currently available in the AA format, Moixa plans to launch USBCELL in a full range of standard formats, phone and camera batteries.