Valucap Investments acquires interest in Baanto

Valucap Investments has acquired an interest in Baanto as part of the first round of financing for the high-tech business venture.

Ontario-based Baanto has developed an optical sensor-based technology that is capable of tracking active or passive objects in both 2D and 3D.

Based on a proprietary imaging technology, its Shadowsense tracking technology is capable of accurately measuring the position of a given object’s ’shadow’. By determining the relative angle and other characteristics of the shadow cast by an object, the object’s position in space can be fixed.

The company claims that the simplicity and effectiveness of the approach means that it can be used as a direct replacement for almost every current touch technology for displays ranging in size from 8in to more than 120in.

Christie Digital Systems Canada also participated in the financing round.

Baanto was established by Nytric in 2009 for the purpose of commercialising the proprietary motion-capture technology it invented and which is now the core of Baanto’s products. Patent assignment and IP transfer from Nytric to Baanto was completed in 2009, with six patent filings completed and a further 22 in process.