Victaulic gets to the heart of fire protection

Victaulic gets to the heart of fire protection with the launch of FireLock NXT™ devices

Victaulic, the world leader in pipe joining system manufacture, has got to the heart of fire protection with the launch of its new range of FireLock NXT devices this week.

Developed following close consultation with designers, installers and facilities managers, the FireLock NXT line of dry, alternate (wet/dry), wet, deluge and pre-action devices for fire protection systems is quick and easy to fit and offers the smallest installation footprint in the industry.

FireLock NXT devices are rated to 20.65bar/ 300psi (Series 764 rated to 16bar/232psi by LPCB) and are available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 200mm. With an integral Victaulic-patented low-pressure actuator, FireLock NXT devices all operate at a common 0.89bar/13psi pressure, regardless of application, due to an eliminated air-to-water differential, ensuring faster water delivery to sprinkler systems. In addition, each valve has a pre-set air supervisory switch, speeding up the installation process and eliminating the potential for human error.

The innovative diaphragm design, the one-piece design of the air feed manifold and combined check valve, strainer and restrictor as well as the reduced size of the air compressor all give Victaulic FireLock NXT devices the smallest footprint in the industry. In addition, attention to design detail has ensured that fewer moving parts and easy-to-access components make for a sleek and simple system to install and maintain.

The range of FireLock NXT valve systems includes:

§ Series 764 FireLock NXT alternate valve

§ Series 768 FireLock NXT dry valve

§ Series 769 FireLock NXT deluge valve

§ Series 769 FireLock NXT preaction valve

The Firelock NXT alternate valves take wet and dry fire protection to the next level. Not only does it provide both wet and dry functionality in a single valve but also requires the adjustment of only three valves to drain and re-pressurize the system for warm or cold weather. For speedy installation, the valve (weighing as little as 43kg) also can be shipped pre-trimmed with the need for only a pressure gauge connection on arrival.

Victaulic also offers the Series 751 and 759 FireLock Alarm Check Valves for wet systems.

Fred Matikyu, country manager, UK and Ireland, comments: “The addition of Firelock NXT to our existing Firelock range ensures that designers and installers now have bottom line advantages built into the entire Victaulic fire protection system. With the simple wet and dry functionality of the NXT devices and the built-in ease of maintenance, the system looks to be a winner with designers, installers and facilities managers alike”.

For more information on the Victaulic product range or stockists, contact the Victaulic office in the UK on 01438 741100 or visit .

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