Volvo Aero invests in green engines

Volvo Aero is to invest £4.6m in a commercial demonstrator programme to develop lightweight components for more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft engines.

Volvo Aero’s research is receiving part financing from Swedish government authority Vinnova of £4.6m, which will be paid in instalments from 2007 through 2010. Volvo Aero will invest the same amount during the period.

The aim of Vinnova’s aviation technology and demonstrator programme, known by its Swedish acronym FLUD, is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden through commercial research.

Vinnova aims to help companies to participate in international commercial demonstrator programmes and to increase the share companies have in commercial product development programmes. It is encouraging research institutes and SMEs companies to participate.

Volvo Aero is participating in the forthcoming European Joint Technologies Initiatives (JTI) within the EU’s seventh framework programme. Volvo Aero is participating in the ‘Clean Sky’ aviation initiative within the SAGE (Sustainable And Green Engine) group, in cooperation with Rolls-Royce, Snecma, MTU Aero Engines and others.