Volvo backs anti-theft device

Volvo has acquired an interest in Datachassi, a Swedish company that has developed a patent-pending system based on intelligent radio technology and sensors that can reduce thefts from trucks.

Volvo believes the investment, made through Volvo Technology Transfer, could help combat such thefts, which cost companies in the EU around £6.1bn each year.

Most thefts from trucks are from the trailer. According to Vovo, the key feature with the Datachassi invention is that it links the cab with the trailer using sensors and intelligent radio technology and, consequently, reduces the risk of theft and slashing of cargo covers and curtains.

The innovation is based on radio communications. The trailer’s sidelights are modified and equipped with sensors and radio beacons that communicate with each other. When objects or persons come too close to the trailer, the sensors are triggered and send alarm signals via the radio beacons to the cab. The alarm can then be sent wirelessly to a central server – or to a security company – depending on how the system is programmed.

A Swedish patent application has received positive preliminary approval and the application for a world patent is pending.

‘We foresee a huge potential for this invention, which has good possibilities of becoming an industry standard,’ said Per Wassén, investment manager at Volvo Technology Transfer. ‘This is an investment fully in line with the Volvo Group‘s striving to offer our customers safe and efficient transport solutions.’