What incentives?

Despite the government’s supposed attachment to environmental friendliness, what is it actually doing to promote this? All it seems to do is tax everything that runs on fossil fuels, which everyone sees as a moneymaking scam. Incentives are what really matter, but this costs money and does not make the government richer — which is the real crux of the matter.

If the government is so committed to green policies, then where are these incentives? simple ideas could be used to reduce the VAT rate — on a sliding scale — on property developers and refurbishers who meet certain levels of sustainability. We are all aware of the fuel shortages, and increasingly volatile world markets, but insulating more properties, both residential and commercial, is a simple measure which should help cut gas and electricity and benefit everyone.

Less demand for imported fuels would help the country’s economy by lowering fuel bills for everyone, and cutting the carbon footprints of everyone in one fell swoop. this means less demand for power stations to be built quickly, and benefits in cost savings over the longer term.

Where are the incentives for grey water use, and the financial attractions for architects to design useful buildings which could use their roof areas to collect such water? and where are the real incentives for vehicle owners to reduce emissions — and research grants for those developing such technologies?

I think we all know the answers to these questions — such measures cost money, and the government cannot continue to rob us all [with unnecessary taxes] as it does now.

Simon Martin, by email