Wind farms for UK Coal sites

UK Coal and Peel Energy have signed an agreement to identify, assess and potentially develop wind farms on sites owned by UK Coal.

Initially, the agreement provides Peel Energy with a two year period of exclusivity in which it will work with UK Coal to identify and evaluate which of its sites are suitable for wind farm development.

For each prospective site covered by the agreement, Peel Energy will, at its expense and subject to UK Coal’s agreement, undertake a phased programme of initial evaluation, further assessment and pursuit of planning permission.

If a site is submitted for planning permission, a company will be formed by Peel Energy, and UK Coal will be granted an option to acquire a 50 per cent equity share in it. UK Coal will then grant that company an option for a 30 year lease over the relevant land.

Fourteen wind farm sites, already identified by UK Coal, will be covered by the new agreement. These projects are at varying stages of development from inception to planning negotiations and, if all were successful, would comprise 54 wind turbines generating up to 133MW of power.

Peel Energy’s existing onshore wind portfolio is in excess of 450MW and its projects include England’s largest onshore scheme, Scout Moor in Lancashire which includes 26 2.5MW turbines, Royal Seaforth Dock Wind Farm in Liverpool, the Port of Liverpool Wind Farm and a planning application for the Port of Sheerness Wind Farm.