Windshear Gears Up by Investing for F1 Return

Windshear Inc. is pleased to announce the installation of a new, cutting edge technology consisting of an at-the-wheel apparatus designed to isolate aerodynamic forces from tyre and chassis related mechanical forces. This new aerodynamic testing solution will allow data gathering while the vehicle runs at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour on Windshear’s rolling road. To eliminate the possibility of aerodynamic interference the new device will have flow-through characteristics similar to a standard Cup wheel

This latest technical development closely follows two other recent innovations at Windshear Inc: firstly, the implementation of a temperature compensation system for down-force measurement; and secondly, a new process for database management. Together with the wheel-force technology device, these new features have increased the accuracy, repeatability and throughput of testing at the state-of-the-art, North Carolina facility.

Site manager Jeffrey Bordner says the new side-force measurement system is “the final piece of information that our customers are looking for when they come to use our facility.” Bordner, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Western Michigan University, has been part of the Windshear team since September 2007.

The implementation of a new cost-cutting regulatory structure by the FIA will allow Formula One teams to utilise Windshear’s one-of-a-kind wind tunnel facility for chassis competing in the 2010 championship. It’s hoped that the FIA’s new regulations will revolutionise the sport by creating a choice between the freedom to spend and the freedom to innovate.

 “While we support cost-cutting as a means of strengthening the business of racing, it shouldn’t, in our opinion, limit access to relevant technology. We would like to work with the FIA to ensure that our test programs meet the rules and remain within budget mandates,” commented Windshear Inc. business manager, Mr. Peter Zierhut.

Other news:
Windshear Inc. was recently awarded the Professional Motor Sport World Expo 2008 Award for Testing Technology of the Year and will be playing a key role in the testing program for USGPE, the newly formed, Charlotte, N.C.-based Formula One team, led by Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor. Unlike most teams, USGPE is not planning to utilise scale models but will move directly from CFD to full-scale wind-tunnel testing.