Wolverhampton opens new academy with Morgan Motor Company

The University of Wolverhampton and Morgan Motor Company are extending their partnership by establishing a new academy for aspiring engineers.

Automotive Engineering students at Wolverhampton’s Telford Innovation Campus will spend one day a week at the factory, working alongside Morgan employees who will share their skills and facilitate learning and practice in a business environment. The two organisations have already been working closely since signing a partnership agreement back in 2016. The collaboration between the university and the family-owned British motor manufacturer provides engineering students with a range of activities and opportunities including educational programmes, research and development and motor racing.

“As a company which focuses on traditional craftsmanship coupled with modern design and engineering innovation, it’s been an extremely fruitful partnership working with university students who are set to become the engineers of the future,” said Steve Morris, managing director at Morgan Motor Company.

“Working with the university we are informing our future development. It’s absolutely vital that, as a small company building sports cars in this day and age, we blend old skills with new ideas and technology. Having access to state of the art learning and research in this unique collaboration certainly gives us a competitive edge.”


University of Wolverhampton Race Team (UWR) students currently work alongside traditional craftsmen on a range of Morgan vehicles as well as getting involved in the annual AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge, a one-make race series for racing Morgan cars.

“Being part of University of Wolverhampton Racing and working alongside Morgan has provided me with valuable skills and given me a real insight into teamwork and the engineering expertise needed in the industry – setting us up perfectly for future employment,” said student James Higginbotham.

Prof Ian Oakes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the university, added: “This exciting partnership, which combines our expertise on a number of projects, brings added benefits to both parties whilst affording students an invaluable insight into the world of car manufacturing and racing.

“From an employability perspective, this partnership provides an outstanding opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry.”