World’s First Wireless computer-on-module from Anders

World’s First Wireless computer-on-module from Anders Electronics enables antenna-less operation

Anders Electronics has introduced CM-X270L, the first and currently the only wireless LAN solution available in the CoM market. The CM-X270L is a new computer-on-module (CoM) with integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b WLAN interface, allowing developers to implement wireless connectivity for the first time in embedded and mobile computing applications. Single or dual antenna options are supported, and the device is capable of operating at close ranges with no antenna active.

The CM-X270L is built around the Intel XScale PXA270 CPU, and features on-board SDRAM, Flash disk, 32-bit PCI bus, 100 Mbps Ethernet, sound codec with speaker and microphone support, and a touchscreen controller. Further popular peripheral interfaces include slave and host USB ports enabling keyboard and mouse support, PCMCIA controller, hard disk interface, and optional PCI, LPC and AC97 buses. A built-in LCD adaptor is provided, optimised for VGA (640×480/480×640 pixel) resolution allowing direct connection of VGA LCD panels such as the Anders Electronics TD035STEE1 3.5-inch VGA LTPS TFT-LCD. Extended graphics options include a graphics controller supporting STN and TFT panels with 800 x 600 maximum resolution.

The module’s architecture enables very low stand-by power – as low as 20mW – and active power consumption less than 2W, depending on configuration and CPU speed. It is available in a choice of compact 66mm x 44mm or 68mm x 58mm size options, allowing use in a wide range of embedded industrial and professional equipment including portable and battery powered instruments. The availability of the CM-X270L also now adds wireless connectivity to the SBC-X270, which is a PC/104+ computer based on the CM-X270L module.

Ready-to-run packages and support for Linux and Windows CE 5.0 operating systems are readily available, designed to run from the CM-X270 Flash disk.

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