Yorkshire carbon plan

Government plans to create a low-carbon economy in Yorkshire have been outlined at a summit held in Leeds this week.

Government plans to create a low-carbon economy in Yorkshire have been outlined at a summit held in Leeds this week.

Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, Rosie Winterton, spoke about a step change plan to get the region’s businesses involved in the government’s low-carbon strategy.

The strategy includes energy efficiency plans to reduce costs for businesses and consumers, the implementation of an energy infrastructure, ensuring the UK is a leader in the development of low-carbon vehicles and improving the country’s skills base.

Winterton said: ‘The move to a low-carbon economy is not an option – it is inevitable.

‘I want to see businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber region benefiting from the opportunities this change offers.

‘The UK has set world-leading targets for CO2 reduction by 2050, and we must build the skills, knowledge and business environment that will keep Britain at the forefront of low-carbon business and investment.

‘For Yorkshire and the Humber, there are particular opportunities in areas which already provide employment and revenue and offer opportunities for growth, such as renewable energy, construction and alternative fuels for vehicles.

‘The government recently launched a package of measures for ultra-low carbon vehicles in the UK, and I hope to see this region benefiting from the expertise we have, making Yorkshire a great place to do low-carbon business.’

Supporting the summit, Ernst & Young partner James Close added: ‘Yorkshire is already well-placed to take advantage of the opportunity to create comparative advantage from green business.

‘To exploit this opportunity, businesses need to take the definition of green business beyond environmental goods and services, and identify how it extends the comparative advantage we have in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, aircraft, electrical and electronic equipment, organic chemicals and optical and medical apparatus, which are well represented in Yorkshire.’

The government published ‘Low-carbon Industrial Strategy: A Vision’ on 6 March this year.

The full strategy is due to be published in the summer.