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The Engineer Online is today launching Technology UK, a new channel bringing readers technology, business and innovation news from across the UK’s regions. It covers the latest developments by companies, universities and research organisations where you live and work.

The Engineer has always reported breaking innovation news from the UK and further afield. Technology UK will cover more stories of local ingenuity, what happens to the groundbreaking technology when it reaches the market, and the businesses large and small that make it happen, bringing skilled technology jobs to their local area.

From Scotland’s Silicon Glen through Yorkshire’s steel industry to the burgeoning aerospace industry in the south west, the news Technology UK covers proves that from a local, national and global level, the UK remains a powerhouse of innovation.

Many of The Engineer’s readers are important innovators in their own right, so if you’re feeling inspired by the local heroes in Technology UK, get involved. To help us continue to be the UK’s top source of independent news for the engineering and technology sector, use the ‘Submit your article here’ button to send us information about a project, product or innovation that you, your company or project team has been involved in. You can also send press releases, contracts, details of open days and key company events that would interest other readers.

Berenice Baker

Technology UK News Editor