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Lamb, beef or chicken? 30min test promises to identify mystery meat

17 Apr 2014 | By Jason Ford

Doubts over meat traceability could be allayed with a 30 minute test being developed by AltraTech, an Irish company that has raised €900,000 for its single-use portable semiconductor test kit.


Plastic X-ray detector is suitable for medical use

17 Apr 2014

Researchers have demonstrated what is claimed to be the first X-ray detector on a plastic substrate that is capable of medical-grade performance.


Robot swarms use no computing to cooperate Video

17 Apr 2014

Clustering robots that carry out tasks without using any memory or processing power have been developed at Sheffield University.

Illicit nuclear material

New tool aims to foil nuclear trafficking

16 Apr 2014

Coupling commercially available spectral X-ray detectors with a specialised algorithm can improve the detection of uranium and plutonium, an advance that could help to impede nuclear trafficking.

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Kongsberg's Hugin is one of the most popular deep water AUVs

Robotic submarines make waves in the oil and gas sector

15 Apr 2014 | By Jon Excell

The changing demands of the offshore energy sector are driving the uptake of unmanned submarines.

The first of Farringdon's tunnels was completed in November 2013

Farringdon: the birth of a station

15 Apr 2014 | By Jon Excell

Awkard geology and an ambitious scope make Farringdon station one of Crossrail’s most significant challenges. Jon Excell reports


Why are engineering firms struggling to recruit graduates?

15 Apr 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Reports of a graduate engineer shortage are common yet competition for jobs remains fierce. Our roundtable panel proposed some potential solutions to the industry’s graduate problem.

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Additive manufacturing vs milling.jpg

Child's play in an undistributed future

16 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Hard-pressed teachers might baulk at the idea of introducing a 3D printer to every school, but this kind of initiative has brought huge benefits in the past.

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Engineering an alternative to a fossil carbon overdose

14 Apr 2014 | By Jason Ford

The latest IPCC report makes it very clear that its down to engineers to help avert catastrophes that may occur if the increase in global mean temperature is not limited to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

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Engineering firms need to rethink the graduate problem

15 Apr 2014

Young engineers know their skills are in high demand so companies must be smarter when trying to engage them, says Alex Parkes, future talent strategist at AIA Worldwide.

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McLaren’s hyper hybrid

14 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

McLaren’s executive director of Special Operations unveils the thinking behind the company’s hybrid P1 supercar. Stuart Nathan reports

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The roundtable feature in our current issue looks at issues surrounding graduate recruitment into engineering. Which of the solutions proposed in the feature would make the biggest contribution to boosting the number of graduates finding jobs in engineering and remaining there?

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