Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Molecular sieve promises cheaper way to capture carbon

16 Sep 2014

A new method for treating polymers could produce a more energy-efficient gas separation method, say UK researchers.


Europe unveils asteroid-spotting 'fly's eye' telescope

15 Sep 2014

A new modular telescope design could make scanning the sky for near-Earth objects cheaper.


ESA launches €1bn project to create next generation metals

12 Sep 2014

Lighter vehicles, stronger nuclear reactors and more compatible medical implants are among the goals of a new billion-euro European Space Agency metals project.

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Formula E battery 7

Power and performance: the Formula E battery

16 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Williams overcame technical and time constraints to develop a battery for Formula E.

BAC Mono 1

Innovation in the UK niche vehicles sector

15 Aug 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Fast work: Sports cars are dominating the niche vehicle sector in the UK. Stuart Nathan reports


Examining innovation

16 Sep 2014 | By Julia Pierce

Why you should consider a career at the European Patent Office

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EEF chief warns of political and economic disaster if Scotland votes "Yes"

15 Sep 2014 | By Jon Excell

The Scottish chief executive of UK manufacturers’ association EEF claims that independence could turn Scotland into an economic wasteland.

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Premier Oil North Sea platform

Scottish independence has economic risks for us all

10 Sep 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Attempts to rebalance the economy could be thrown off course if the UK were to split.

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The debt threat to manufacturing

5 Sep 2014

Despite the economic upturn, the strain of debt on the manufacturing sector’s smallest firms remains severe, says Mark Burgess, Chief Operations Officer at Debt Guard Solicitors.

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KD Rennert

Klaus-Dieter Rennert, ceo and chairman, Hitachi Europe

16 Sep 2014

Next stop, UK: Stuart Nathan talks to Klaus-Dieter Rennert about Hitachi’s plans for the UK and Europe, as well as the industrial giant’s focus on growth in the rail and medical sectors

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fire engines

September 1914: Electric emergency vehicles

10 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Electric vehicles were being used by the emergency services a century ago, and were seen as the best technological option

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