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Motion Contrast 3D

Video game- and eye-inspired 3D camera can work outdoors

27 Apr 2015

Combining the imaging system of the Microsoft Kinect with the sening techniques of the human eye has led to a low-cost, high-quality 3D camera that could be used in autonomous vehicles


Graphene set to bring 3D colour holograms to life

27 Apr 2015

New research reveals the potential for graphene help in bringing 3D colour holograms closer to fruition.


Pavegen to provide Canary Wharf with sustainable energy boost

27 Apr 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A pilot project that aims to create electricity from the footfall of commuters is to be installed at London’s Canary Wharf this summer, helping the district to be more sustainable.

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Can technology save the NHS?

21 Apr 2015 | By Jon Excell

Digital devices able to remotely monitor a range of conditions could help get the health service off the critical list


Engineering a sea-change

10 Mar 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Over the next decade, almost a thousand North Sea oil wells will be decommissioned. Stuart Nathan explores the technical challenges involved


Solid start for laser research

27 Apr 2015 | By Will Sterling

An ingenious British invention is at the heart of an Anglo-Czech project to improve the efficiency of a number of processes.

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Atkins graduate

How to get a graduate engineering job with Atkins

15 Apr 2015

The Student Engineer spoke to Serena Tulloch, graduate recruitment adviser at engineering consultancy Atkins, to find out how to navigate the firm’s hiring process.

Group Workshop

Six ways for engineering firms to tackle their skills problems

13 Apr 2015

Jon Blaze, head of recruitment operations at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, argues companies can take action to minimise the chances of encountering difficulties in hiring suitably skilled staff.

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The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition returns on 24 & 25 April

18 Mar 2015

The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition on 24 & 25 April 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham, offers a great opportunity to meet recruiters from the industry’s top employers.

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To see ourselves as others see us

22 Apr 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Society holds up a mirror to engineering, showing the profession how it is regarded. Here, Stuart takes a look at some recent examples of real and fictional engineers and STEM workers on screen and stage, and observes a worrying liking for booze, questionable ethics and some appealing housing.

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Engineering for inspiration

13 Apr 2015 | By Jason Ford

A new TV show is looking for young engineers who are working on projects that capture the imagination

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Open Bionics founder Joel Gibbard

20 Apr 2015

Handy man: Joel Gibbard founded Open Bionics with the aim of producing advanced prosthetics that are both affordable and desirable

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Low oil prices – what do they mean for renewables?

10 Apr 2015

The renewable energy industry will be in for a testing time if  oil prices remain low, and will have to bolster arguments about the stability of energy prices from renewables, says Gordon Edge, director of policy at RenewableUK

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March 1914: George Westinghouse

4 Mar 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Our obituary of the remarkable inventor and entrepreneur George Westinghouse doesn’t mention the rivalry for which he’s best-known today

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The Solar Impulse aircraft is about to begin its Pacific crossing. Does this project represent any useful technological advances?