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Graphene has potential in fuel cells and armour

28 Nov 2014

More potential uses for the carbon monolayer graphene have been described, but manufacturing the material continues to be a stumbling block

Magellane's ATIR turbine being installed at teh EMEC site

Spanish tidal turbine prototype installed at Orkney

28 Nov 2014

A scaled-down prototype of an innovative floating tidal turbine has been installed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland.


Wind-modelling software promises turbine improvements

28 Nov 2014 | By Stephen Harris

New technology could help improve the efficiency of wind turbines and the safety of maintenance staff by better predicting wind patterns.

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Plastic legacy

20 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

The issue of how to deal with a growing amount of waste plastic is exercising one UK company.


Moving energy: The fusion of automotive and energy

20 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

The automotive and energy sectors will have to move closer together to make best use of electric vehicles in the energy grid

Robot revolution: Humans and droids, working together

28 Nov 2014 | By Ellie Zolfagharifard

Armies of ‘people-friendly’ robots are taking over factories across the world. But should autonomous robots be working alongside humans?

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14 tips for student job-hunters at the National Engineering & Construction Recruitment show

26 Nov 2014

The team behind this week’s NECR exhibition in Birmingham explain the way to get the most from your visit to the show.


Why your engineering degree means you're cut out to be an entrepreneur

25 Nov 2014 | By Josh Shires

Graduate engineer and entrepreneur Josh Shires explains how an engineering degree equipped him with the skills for setting up his own business.

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Why we shouldn't write off marine energy

28 Nov 2014 | By Stephen Harris

It’s been a bad week for marine energy, but it would be foolish to write off the entire industry on the basis of two setbacks

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Rolls Royce nuclear manufacturing graduate

Skills fears grow in a quietly confident industry

26 Nov 2014 | By Jon Excell

According to a report out today UK engineers are feeling more upbeat and confident about both their own and industry’s prospects than they have for ages. Are you one of them?

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Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering

26 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Conceptual arts: Williams Advanced Engineering pitches itself as an expert operator in the arena of technologies that help vehicles go fast.

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Standing by renewables

20 Nov 2014

Ed Davey, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, challenges the opponents of renewables

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festival of britain

November 1949: planning the Festival of Britain

26 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Dripping with patriotism, The Engineer’s coverage of the Festival’s South Bank site shows Britain still wanted to seem pre-eminent in many areas

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LunarMissionOne has launched as a UK-based effort to land a geological investigation probe on the moon, using the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. What are the advantages of funding the mission in this way?