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Robot guide for Amsterdam airport

27 Nov 2015

‘Spencer’ will navigate around Schipol using lasers and maps, helping passengers get to their gates on time.

Schematic of a laser beam energizing a monolayer semiconductor made up of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). The red glowing dots are particles excited by the laser.

Monolayer breakthrough heralds better displays

27 Nov 2015

Researchers in the US have made a breakthrough that could speed the development of improved LED displays.


Researchers develop concept graphene microphone

27 Nov 2015

Scientists have developed a graphene-based microphone membrane that is claimed to be more sensitive than those made from nickel. 


Osborne backs 'industrial strategy' in spending review

26 Nov 2015

George Osborne is ‘backing science’ with a pledge to protect the £4.7bn science budget in real terms up to 2020/21.

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Women at the workface: the variety of roles in engineering

26 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Expert opinions: Women engineers from a range of sectors talk about their key projects and areas of expertise.

Unlocking engineering's appeal to girls

26 Nov 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

Balancing act: Evelyn Adams examines a number of efforts to promote engineering to young girls

support software 1

Software for designing additive manufacturing supports

24 Nov 2015 | By Will Stirling

Connect the dots: Recent additive manufacturing advances have created a demand for more fully integrated CAD programs to consider unique parts.

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Unlocking engineering's appeal to girls

26 Nov 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

Balancing act: Evelyn Adams examines a number of efforts to promote engineering to young girls

Paul Hilkens

Sponsored feature: Cross technological borders with Océ

11 Sep 2015

Océ – A Canon Company at the forefront of digital printing technology, is looking for bright and ambitious engineers to work in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment.

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female engineer

Government to force employers to own up to gender pay gap

14 Jul 2015

The UK government has announced that it is to push ahead with plans to force firms with more than 250 employees to disclose information on pay gaps between men and women.

Oil & gas facility showing pipework

Oil and gas tops salary table for junior engineers

2 Jul 2015

The oil and gas industry is the most lucrative sector for junior engineers, according to the results of The Engineer’s 2015 salary survey.

salary logo

Almost half of UK engineers considering change of job survey reveals

29 Jun 2015 | By Jon Excell

41 per cent of UK engineers are considering a change of job, according to the results of The Engineer’s 2015 salary survey

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The STEM of the Christmas Tree

25 Nov 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

A seasonal look at how to spark an interest in engineering during the Festive Season

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Government expenditure in the frame

23 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

The Defence Review heralds an increase in spending, with new aircraft announced, although a cut in planned number of new ships, but the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement later this week is likely to unveil cuts elsewhere.

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David Kingham

The future of fusion

9 Nov 2015

Controlled fusion has the potential to be a long-term energy source. David Kingham explains the next steps

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dave shemmens, ricardo

David Shemmans, chief executive, Ricardo

9 Nov 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Catch the tide: The chief executive of Ricardo has watched the automotive sector come up from the doldrums in the last decade

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July 1940: The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge

4 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

One of the best-known engineering disasters resulted from a lack of knowledge of materials behaviour and of how the size of the structure would affect how it interacted with the wind

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The UK government's latest defence review has included the announcement of increased spending on aircraft and special forces units. Meanwhile, the latest HM Treasury autumn statement is expected to include deep cuts which might hit health, industry and science. Which of these statements is closest to your feelings?