Graduate Engineer Show

How to choose the engineering job that’s right for you

25 Sep 2014 | By Stephen Harris

There’s an overwhelming number of engineering roles, companies and sectors out there. If you’re unsure where to start, this guide will help you get started. 

ICE This is Civil Engineering

7 civil engineering projects transforming the UK right now (and the employers building them)

16 Apr 2015

We rundown some of the most interesting projects in the Institution of Civil Engineers’ This is Civil Engineering campaign.



March 1914: George Westinghouse

By Stuart Nathan

Our obituary of the remarkable inventor and entrepreneur George Westinghouse doesn’t mention the rivalry for which he’s best-known today

The car was described by The Engineer as 'resembling a punt'

February 1906: The valveless motor car

By Jon Excell

The early 20th century was awash with automotive innovations, some of which went onto to dominate the industry over the following decades, whilst others didn’t quite have the transformative impact their inventors expected.

blue bird

February 1927: a new land speed record

By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer was dubious about Captain Malcolm Campbell’s claim have broken the world land speed record on Pendine Sands



Building momentum

17 Apr 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The construction of the Bloodhound SSC supersonic vehicle is nearing completion.


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The new Boeing/Lockheed reusable space rocket was unveiled this week as upstart firm Space X attempted another test of its reusable model. But are these rockets the best vehicle for future space activities? What form of launch transport do you think the space industry and agencies should be focusing on?