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Plastic legacy

20 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

The issue of how to deal with a growing amount of waste plastic is exercising one UK company.


Why your engineering degree means you're cut out to be an entrepreneur

25 Nov 2014 | By Josh Shires

Graduate engineer and entrepreneur Josh Shires explains how an engineering degree equipped him with the skills for setting up his own business.


Inside one of the facility's many laboratories

October 1933: The Post Office Research Station

By Jon Excell

The Engineer reported on the opening of an r&d centre that played a starring role in some of the UK telecomms industry’s defining moments

An overhead view of the facility

October 1960: High speed wind tunnels

By Jon Excell

In October 1960, The Engineer reported on the opening of two new high speed wind tunnels at the Warton Aerodrome, near Preston. 

fire engines

September 1914: Electric emergency vehicles

By Stuart Nathan

Electric vehicles were being used by the emergency services a century ago, and were seen as the best technological option



Moving energy: The fusion of automotive and energy

20 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

The automotive and energy sectors will have to move closer together to make best use of electric vehicles in the energy grid


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LunarMissionOne has launched as a UK-based effort to land a geological investigation probe on the moon, using the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. What are the advantages of funding the mission in this way?