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Poll: Boris Island

2 Sep 2014

With plans for “Boris Island” sunk, what is your preferred option for airport expansion in the Southeast?

Last week's poll: Scottish Independence

2 Sep 2014

Scottish readers of The Engineer are torn the business impact of Scottish independence our latest poll reveals.


There's the hub: airport decision imminent

1 Sep 2014 | By Jason Ford

The Airports Commission is due to announce whether or not it will take forward plans for an island airport hub in the Thames Estuary. 


What makes an engineering hero?

29 Aug 2014

A new list of Britain’s engineering heroes reveals how our attitudes towards scientific achievement are changing

Sullom Voe Terminal is currently being upgraded to cope with oil and gas from the reserves west of Shetland

Is there a business case for Scottish independence?

27 Aug 2014 | By Jon Excell

Unpicking the complex links that unite Scotland with the rest of the United Kingdom would be a painful process. But what might it ultimately mean for industry?


William Wakeham

Engineering innovation: lessons from history

28 Aug 2014

Looking to our rich engineering past could help encourage business innovation today. 


M2M beyond the enterprise: the rise of the connected SME

7 Aug 2014

Phil Skipper, Head of M2M Business Development, Vodafone Group explains how machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, a component of the ‘internet of things’, can help smaller companies to compete


Universities must prove they can help close the skills gap

18 Jul 2014

Part-time postgraduate study offers a way to upskill the engineering workforce but unviversities need to persuade businesses of the direct benefits of investment.


How Engineers can win the Longitude Prize, again

24 Jun 2014

Voting for the Longitude Prize closes tomorrow. Here, Longitude Committee member and vice-president for external affairs at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Prof Martyn Thomas, explains how engineers could contribute to the shortlisted project options.


Six ways to get more out of University inventions

5 Jun 2014

Isis Innovation team leader Richard Holliday explains how universites can succeed at technology transfer and take more of their intellectual property to the market


An environmental solution to the engineering skills gap

28 Apr 2014

Young women’s concern for the environment could be harnessed to help address the severe gender gap in engineering, says EngD student and prize-winning essayist Laura Pickard.


Engineering firms need to rethink the graduate problem

15 Apr 2014

Young engineers know their skills are in high demand so companies must be smarter when trying to engage them, says Alex Parkes, future talent strategist at AIA Worldwide.

PU foam area

Reshoring…the UK manufacturing trend of 2014?

28 Mar 2014

Steven Barr, Head of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), explains why reshoring is an opportunity manufacturers - both small and large - should seize with both hands.

tornado gr4

War and peace

24 Mar 2014

Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, sets out the role that the defence sector can play in science and technology development, and vice-versa


Barriers to electric car uptake

17 Mar 2014

Taking a deeper look at the electric car market, Craig Rice, Frazer Nash’s expert on the development of electric cars explores the barriers to entry in this arena and the biggest factors that could create a step change.


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With plans for "Boris Island" sunk, what is your preferred option for airport expansion in the Southeast?