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The week ahead: automotive innovation and trends in renewables

12 Oct 2015 | By Jon Excell

At its annual automotive summit this week, the SMMT plans to examine the trends that are shaping the sector, whilst a series of IET lectures on renewables will also look at some of the challenges that lie ahead.  

Toyota Team Mate

Warm leatherette: sort out security and let autonomy flourish Video

9 Oct 2015 | By Jason Ford

Driverless vehicle technology promises to make the roads safer and the UK richer, but whilst the technology roadmap is clear, the concept still poses more questions than it answers

submarine reactor

The alternatives for UK nuclear

7 Oct 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

As uncertainty continues over current proposals for imported reactor technologies, we need to look seriously at alternatives. It would be complete folly if Britain’s nuclear scientists did not work on developing new reactor technologies, even though it’s a long and expensive journey to undertake.


Domestic and hazardous robots and tunnels under London

5 Oct 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Two ever-fascinating areas, developing robots for extreme environments and the home, and the underground structures beneath London, dominate this week’s events.

As well as the obvious benefits of electricity and jobs, Tidal Lagoon Power is keen to position the plant as a public amenity, with the breakwall providing 9.5km of running and cycling track

Swansea delay highlights government’s energy confusion

2 Oct 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Negotiations over funding have held back the flagship project, which aims to show proof of concept for large-scale tidal lagoon energy.


hitachi city

Social Innovation in transport clears the road for a safer, healthier world

7 Oct 2015

Klaus Dieter Rennert, Chief Executive for EMEA-CIS, Hitachi Ltd., discusses the societal benefits which can be achieved from investment and increased connectivity in transport.

idea bulb

​UK’s impressive innovation record will continue to attract investment

5 Oct 2015

The UK’s success in securing its position as the world’s second-most innovative country in the world for the second year in a row will continue to attract investment in cutting edge research and development, says Karl Barnfather, patent attorney and chairman of intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers


Giant robot duel challenge raises stakes for UK mechatronics

15 Sep 2015

Government and industry must show urgency and agility if Britain is to take a lead in the global market for advanced robotics. 

brandauer machine

Getting to grips with the ‘Productivity Puzzle’

12 Aug 2015

Viewpoint Steven Barr, Head of Manufacturing at the Business Growth Service, explains why the manufacturing sector could hold the key to increased productivity

Drax Power Plant

Moving away from the centre ground – why decentralising energy is key for the future of the UK

24 Jul 2015

Following recent reports predicting a spare National Grid capacity of just 1.2% this winter - the lowest in a decade - Peter Rolton, Chairman of engineering consultancy Rolton Group, gives his views on why decentralised energy sources are the future.

Diamond collaboration

The appliance of science

13 Jul 2015

Collaboration is the linchpin of modern scientific progress, says the chief executive officer of the UK’s Diamond Light Source

TE Car crash dummy

Devil in the detail: negotiating supplier contracts requires close scrutiny

10 Jul 2015

At a time when major automotive manufacturers have consolidated their supplier base, sourcing alternative components suppliers to meet their exact specifications may not be straightforward. 


Getting the makers marching: 3D printing and the next generation of British engineers

1 Jul 2015

Viewpoint Chris Elsworthy, chief executive of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer, on how 3D printing can inspire the engineers and innovators of tomorrow


Let the sun shine in

8 Jun 2015

The drive for clean technology has resulted in a ‘race to the top’ for the photovoltaic research community, says Prof Ravi Silva


Latin America: time for the UK to look West

2 Jun 2015

British businesses should shun outdated assumptions and explore a valuable market, says Santiago Klein of McBains Cooper


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