U.S. Department of Energy

How the lack of STEM grads is holding back oil and gas

25 Aug 2015

This infographic suggests the energy sector is becoming data driven, but the pipeline of STEM grads isn’t there to meet its demands. 

Upgrading existing facilities is not only vital for company profits; it offers big rewards to the brightest minds

Advertorial: A chance to shine - project management at Shell Pernis Refinery

21 Aug 2015

Colette Legein reveals the path that led her to revamping Europe’s largest refinery.



August 1915: The Board of Invention

By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer’s opinions on the foreruners of today’s Research Councils were sceptical and, to today’s eyes, surprisingly jaundiced

Headshot index pic

May 1905: Obituary of Edmund Beckett Denison, Baron Grimthorpe

By Stuart Nathan

The horologist who designed the clock of the Palace of Westminster was a formidable, combative personality but well-respected for his ingenuity and skill


March 1914: George Westinghouse

By Stuart Nathan

Our obituary of the remarkable inventor and entrepreneur George Westinghouse doesn’t mention the rivalry for which he’s best-known today



The tide is turning

12 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Autonomous systems could revolutionise the shipping industry by reducing costs and improving efficiency


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Following the tragic Shoreham air show crash, regulators have announced that vintage jets will now be prohibited from performing aerobatics over land at such events. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree.