Paola Lettieri

Women at the workface: the variety of roles in engineering

26 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Expert opinions: Women engineers from a range of sectors talk about their key projects and areas of expertise.

support software 1

Software for designing additive manufacturing supports

24 Nov 2015 | By Will Stirling

Connect the dots: Recent additive manufacturing advances have created a demand for more fully integrated CAD programs to consider unique parts.



July 1940: The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge

By Andrew Wade

One of the best-known engineering disasters resulted from a lack of knowledge of materials behaviour and of how the size of the structure would affect how it interacted with the wind

La Foudre

October 1894: The aluminium torpedo boat

By Stuart Nathan

A wonder of its day, the first aluminium military vessel, a torpedo boat, caused a stir when it appeared in the Thames. But the wonder-metal had later problems

Anti sea sickness couch

July 1877 – The Anti sea-sickness couch

By Jon Excell

Anderson’s Equilibrio Couch was designed to offer relief to green-gilled seafarers


cover 1

Electric drivetrain innovations: How tomorrow's cars will drive

9 Nov 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Electric impact: What do innovations in electric drivetrains mean for cars and drivers?


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