A simulating take-over

Simulation software and services company, MSC.Software, has expanded its operations with the acquisition of pioneerSOLUTIONS.

Through the acquisition and MSC’s SimEnterprise open service oriented architecture (SOA), MSC.Software will be able to provide an all-inclusive platform for multidiscipline simulation including fluids, structures, thermal, acoustics, motion and mechatronics.

Bruce Webster, founder and CEO of pioneerSOLUTIONS, said: ‘Fluid Connection, our OpenCFD product, fits perfectly into MSC.Software’s SimEnterprise strategy, complementing its simulation-based design paradigm with abstract modelling for CFD. It will also extend SimEnterprise to be CFD compliant.’

The SimEnterprise simulation platform covers fluids applications such as fluid flow, heat transfer, aerodynamics, climate control, chemical mixing and fluid structures interaction (FSI).

The reuseable simulation platform is said to allow manufacturers, such as wind turbine manufacturers, to experiment with a range of designs and sizes more economically.