Angelic investment for ionscope

Imperial Innovations Group has announced that its microscope technology company, ionscope, has successfully raised £680,000 from individual investors in the Cambridge Angels Group.

The investment will allow ionscope to extend its marketing, increase delivery capacity, accelerate product development and grow its intellectual property portfolio.

ionscope’s products are based on a technique called Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) and are able to produce images of living cell membranes at resolutions 50 times greater than a conventional optical microscope. Other high magnification techniques interfere with or kill living cells, while SICM is said to allow living cells to be studied over long periods.

The technology can be applied to the study of living processes at nanoscale, such as neurons, heart muscle, kidney, sperm and stem cells.

Established in 2002, ionscope began shipping products to customers around the world earlier this year.