BAE Systems to supply armour kits for military tractors

BAE Systems has received a $7m (£4.4m) order from Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) to produce armour kits for M915A5 military line haul tractors.

Working with DTNA, BAE Systems’ engineers developed an armour package for the M915A5 model, which consists of both an A-kit and a B-kit.

The $7m order is for 380 A-kits, including a reinforced armoured cab and a chassis engineered to provide additional protection to soldiers inside the vehicle, as well as to support the added weight of supplemental armour panels.

BAE Systems received an initial $32m contract for M915A5 A-kits from DTNA in September 2009.

The company also produces B-kits for M915A5 trucks as determined and requested by the US Army. The B-kits consist of field-installed, customisable and removable armour panels that interface with the A-kits to provide maximum protection to the crew.