Belgian power plant

Siemens Energy is to build a combined cycle power plant in Tessenderlo, Belgium for the independent power producer T-Power.

Siemens Energy is to build a combined cycle power plant in Tessenderlo, Belgium, for the independent power producer T-Power, a company in which International Power, Siemens Project Ventures and Tessenderlo each hold a 33 per cent stake.

The order, which includes a long-term maintenance contract for the gas turbine, is worth approximately €320m (£292m).

The Tessenderlo 420MW plant will be built in Flanders on the premises of Tessenderlo Chemie. From mid-2011 the power plant will supply one-third of the power needed by the chemical plant, with the other two-thirds fed into the grid.

Siemens Energy will build the power plant as a turnkey project and supply the gas turbine, one steam turbine and one generator, the entire mechanical equipment, and the electrical, instrumentation and control systems.

Tessenderlo Chemie has also hired Siemens Energy Belgium, as head of a consortium with Pauwels International and Fabricom GTI, to overhaul its entire high-voltage network.

As part of that deal, Siemens will deliver a new gas-insulated 150kV distribution station to which the new plant will also be connected, a new 26kV distribution station and upgrade a second station, as well as provide the associated protection panels and supervision systems.

The consortium will also be responsible for the study, installation, commissioning and building engineering.