Brainteaser: win a VIP pass to Industry’s most exciting new event

We’re delighted to offer readers the chance to win a free VIP delegate pass to The Engineer’s inaugural Collaborate to Innovate (C2I) Conference.

Held on November 17th at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Coventry, C2I will feature presentations from the teams behind some of the UK’s most exciting engineering collaborations, as well as keynote talks from legendary Formula One engineer Gordon Murray; Airbus research chief Mark Howard; Stratasys VP of consulting Dr Phil Reeves and UK sport technology lead, BAE’s Henry White.

All you need to do to give yourself a chance of joining us at this hotly anticipated celebration of engineering is answer the following brainteaser:

An aircraft with a total mass of 1.5 x 105 kg accelerates at maximum thrust from rest along a runway for 25 seconds before reaching a take-off speed of 65 m/s. Assuming that the acceleration of the aircraft is constant, calculate: its acceleration in m/s,the force acting on the aircraft to produce this acceleration in Newtons, and the distance in metres travelled by the aircraft in this time. 

To enter, please send us your answer making sure to include your name, company name, job title and contact details to:

The competition will close at midday on Wednesday 2nd November. Winners will be drawn at random.

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