BT reveals fibre-optic broadband competition winners

BT’s Race to Infinity competition − in which communities voted for their area to be one of the next upgraded to BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband − has proved so popular that BT has increased the number of winners from five to six.

Race to Infinity set out to find five communities where demand for super-fast broadband was highest, but because six areas all achieved extremely high levels of votes, BT has said all six will be among the first to enjoy its new Infinity fibre-optic broadband.

The winners (in alphabetical order) were Baschurch in Shropshire, Blewbury in Oxfordshire, Caxton in Cambridgeshire, Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders, Madingley in Cambridgeshire and Whitchurch in Hampshire.

More than 360,000 votes were cast across the UK in the three-month long Race to Infinity survey that finished on 31 December 2010. To vote and let BT know how much they wanted fibre broadband where they live, all people had to do was to visit the website

Several areas just missed out on making it into the top six. They were Marton in Warwickshire, Capel in Surrey, Burley-in-Wharfedale in Bradford and Lindfield in West Sussex.

BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband is capable of offering download speeds of up to 40Mb/sec and upload speeds of up to 10Mb/sec.