Condensing energy and capital costs

The Alfa Laval AlfaCond Plate Condenser is a compact, space-saving module designed for steam condensing duties using low to medium flows of steam in the power industry.

The AlfaCond’s modular design results in a significantly smaller foot print and lighter weight than would be the case with more traditional condenser systems, such as shell and tube units. The condenser’s higher thermal efficiency means that a much smaller heat transfer area is needed; up to 80% smaller than an equivalent tubular unit, thus reducing initial capital costs.  In addition, the smaller footprint also results in lower transportation, erection and installation costs to go with the energy savings that the module’s superior efficiency provides.  The financial benefits increase still further when the nature of a duty, such as a highly corrosive environment, makes it necessary to employ titanium or other exotic materials for the heat transfer plates.

The AlfaCond is modular in construction and comes pre-configured with all the sub-systems and components required to ensure efficient, reliable steam condensation under the rated design conditions. Different versions of the module are available with hourly capacities of up to 60 tons of steam, and condensing temperatures of 45o–60oC. 

At the heart of the system is an AlfaCond plate surface condenser, developed specifically for highly efficient vacuum vapour condensation, which is complemented by a condensate vessel, pump equipment and vacuum system and all the requisite controls.  The system’s modular design makes installation rapid and straightforward, minimising downtime and disruption during installation and ensuring safe, reliable performance.

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