Orca makes water offshore

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Orca Offshore is a range of fresh water generators that use vacuum distillation to convert up to 70 tons of sea water into potable water per day.

Developed by Alfa Laval specifically for use offshore, the Orca range is constructed from titanium and other corrosion-resistant materials to a simple design that ensures a long working life and low operating and maintenance costs.

The core of the equipment is a Plate Heat Exchanger with titanium plates that acts as both an evaporator and a condenser. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, Titanium is the ideal material for seawater desalination systems and, compared to a shell and tube exchanger with its greater surface area and welding,  the compact and light weight Orca plate heat exchanger represents a distinctly less expensive proposition.

Over the years, Alfa Laval has built a market leading position in plate technology and its application to desalination processes.  Much of the world’s merchant fleet uses Alfa Laval desalination equipment for the generation of potable water on-board.  This experience is reflected in the energy-efficiency of the Offshore Orca. For instance, the largest model – the Orca Offshore 70 – consumes just 19 kWh to produce each cubic metre of fresh water. The quality of the water generated complies with World Health Organisation standards with salinity levels of less that 5 parts per million (ppm).

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