Mec Com set Brexit aside to secure new orders

A Staffordshire fabrication specialist has put aside uncertainty around Brexit to secure over £1.5m of new orders in six months.


Mec Com has seen turnover rise to £14m after it started work on the Siemens’ Alpha project, which taps into the firm’s Total Manufacturing Solutions strategy to offer component production, final assembly and testing capabilities.

This is said to have led to the creation of 39 new jobs and driven the need for a new £485,000 Trumpf 3030 Fibre Laser, with plans for further investment in new panel bending and robotic welding capacity scheduled for 2017.

In a statement, Richard Bunce, managing director said: “We wish the Brexit vote hadn’t happened, but there’s no point stewing on it.

“Our management team sat down and looked at the short-term opportunities it presented and decided to push ahead with our growth plans and going after key accounts. This approach proved immediately successful and we are already eyeing new leads in the food processing sector.

“It’s not going to be easy and we’ll have to keep a watchful eye on what type of ‘Brexit’ we actually go for. There is also a lot of uncertainty with the employees at our Romanian facility, which we are trying to alleviate as much as possible.”

Mec Com is a member of the Manufacturing Assembly Network, a nine-strong group of sub-contract manufacturers who work together to win orders and share best practice and resource.