WSP lab re-opens

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Built-environment consultancy WSP Environment and Energy has re-opened its production-line-style in-house testing laboratory in Nottingham following a fire in 2007.

WSP’s claims its 2,300m2 laboratory is the only integrated laboratory in the UK providing geotechnical, chemical and asbestos services for both clients and internal teams. It houses more than 70 staff, including chemists, engineers and research consultants.

The laboratory will deliver analytical solutions for a range of clients, including: environmental consultants, landfill operators, waste-management organisations and industrial businesses, as well as those involved in the built environment.

WSP’s laboratory is built in the style of a production process line to implement WSP’s Optimise Process Flow, its concept in environmental laboratory design. It is the first of its kind in Europe.

The design removes traditional bottlenecks, such as complex logistics and inflexibility in the process flow, and by ensuring all tests are completed on a single site this delivers simpler and cheaper transportation, with greater control and efficiency in the processing of data.

Tests are managed by a single contact in the laboratory, providing greater flexibility and rapid turnaround times.

Paul Morris, general manager, said: ‘The lab has been designed and built with effective delivery and fast turnarounds in mind. By providing a one-stop shop for managing soil, groundwater and geotechnical needs, we are able to provide a market-leading service to clients and further support technicians in our own business.’