AMEC extends laboratory

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AMEC is opening a major extension to its nuclear science laboratory tomorrow to meet increasing demand from customers such as British Energy, British Nuclear Group and UKAEA.

The extension will add 10 per cent extra floor space to the 6000m2 Birchwood complex in the North West of England run by AMEC NNC, AMEC's nuclear consultancy. The 600m2 development will be operated by AMEC NNC, and will create a significant number of new jobs and safeguard more than 80 existing jobs, according to AMEC .

'This extension will support current UK reactor operations work and also play a major role in decommissioning activities of British Nuclear Group at Sellafield and Magnox reactor sites. We anticipate adding to our team of 80 scientists in the coming months and also continuing to develop the North West as a major centre of expertise vital for the future of the UK nuclear industry,’ said Greg Willetts, AMEC NNC's Director of Laboratory Services.

Willetts said the extension will also enable the company to expand the activities of NIRAS, AMEC NNC's independent radiochemistry testing laboratories, and continue with the wide-ranging work undertaken over the past 20 years for companies such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Shell, BP America and AWE.