BAE Systems to upgrade Seahawks

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BAE Systems has begun delivering Replacement Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (R-AHRS) to improve the reliability and performance of US Navy SH-60 Seahawk helicopters.

The navy recently concluded flight tests of the new system, and BAE Systems is now executing a rapid delivery schedule to equip about 240 helicopters by mid-2007.

According to BAE Systems, the R-AHRS replaces spinning-mass gyros and magnetic sensors with ring-laser gyros and other solid-state technology to increase reliability and availability and improve the accuracy of aircraft instruments. The system provides aircraft pitch, roll, and yaw information and uses a three-axis magnetic azimuth detector to derive aircraft heading. These signals drive the aircraft’s instruments and flight control system.

In addition, routine periodic recalibrations of the R-AHRS magnetic azimuth detectors can be accomplished in flight, eliminating the expense and time associated with recalibrating the sensors on the ground.

BAE Systems received an $18.3m contract in 2003 to develop and produce 658 of the R-AHRS units for navy Seahawks.