Brand-Rex PTFE wire plant now biggest in Europe

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Industrial cable manufacturer Brand-Rex now boasts Europe’s largest PTFE wire manufacturing plant following a 30 percent increase in production capacity.

There are less than a dozen manufacturers with PTFE wire manufacturing capability worldwide and this move makes Brand-Rex one of the top companies in this world league.

PTFE wires are highly specialised and are used in high temperature applications, where they operate at temperatures up to 260 C, as well as in environmentally arduous conditions.

Brand-Rex PTFE wires and cables are used on over 40 percent of the world’s car-exhaust gas oxygen sensors, in many military applications, in the Eurofighter and Airbus aeroplanes, to connect the gas-igniters in central heating and industrial boilers, and for the high-temperature connections needed in halogen lighting luminaires.

PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, is best known for its domestic high temperature application: the non-stick frying pan. However its high temperature capabilities and its ability to withstand a vast range of oils and chemicals and harsh environments makes it a widely used specialty industrial material.

Brand-Rex has made the 30 percent increase in production capacity not through buying new machinery but by the ever increasing skill of its engineers and scientists and their research into PTFE technology. This has led to this vast increase in capacity from the same machinery through closely-guarded process improvements.  A testament to the company’s market leading position in PTFE wire production and technology.

With the unrivalled quality demands of the military, aerospace and automotive industries it is perhaps no surprise that the Brand-Rex PTFE plant is believed to be the only one in the world with both aerospace AS9100 and automotive ISO TS1649:2002 quality approvals in addition to ISO 9001:2000 and environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.

While Brand-Rex makes a number of standard PTFE wire products, it is a true specialty provider and invites designer/development engineers from any industry to discuss their specific needs with Brand-Rex production specialists.  

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