Clamps & Fixings for EMC Shielded Cables

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As an extension to their cable and wiring products, M Buttkereit Ltd are able to supply the icotek range of clamps and fixings for the installation of EMC shielded cables. Once the cable outer insulation has been stripped off, these products ensure effective bonding and grounding of the EMC braided metal shielding.

Their SKL range of spring clamps can be supplied in seven sizes covering cable shield diameters from 1.5 to 29mm. With a simple push-in cable installation, these products provide a large contact surface area and offer economy as well as convenience. They can be supplied with snap-on feet for assembly to 35mm DIN rails (shape H). Alternatively, they can be fixed to separate subplates utilising a single hole mounting clip.

For maximum convenience with close grouped cables, custom designed clamp collectors can be provided, pre-fitted with appropriate sizes and numbers of cable clips.

Also available are the SK range of clamps which incorporate coil springs to provide a constant clamping pressure on the cable. These products offer greater range-taking capabilities for cable diameters from 3 to 20mm. They can be supplied suitable for direct mounting to earthing strips, or with snap-on or screw foot connections to DIN rails (shapes H & C).

For multiple EMC cable installations the KAFM cable collectors can be supplied. These comprise stainless steel cable collector strips for the direct drain of interference on cable shields. They can be supplied for cable runs from 2 to 59 cables. They can be used with snap-on or clip-on fixings for 35mm DIN rails (shape H), together with clip-on option for 30mm DIN rail (shape C). An 8mm long bush for flexible fitting to an alternative substrate can also be supplied. In all cases cables are assembled to the collector strips with cable ties. These are manufactured from nylon 6,6 either natural or black colours, flame resistant and suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to +100°C.

A cable entry system for pre-fabricated EMC shielded cables can also be supplied, together with appropriate strain relief plates. These eliminate the need of an EMC cable gland and enable retro-fitting without shield interruption.

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