COE keeps trains on track

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COE, a developer and supplier of advanced video systems, has completed two major rail upgrade projects in Spain with its X-Net transmission system. Both projects are part of the high-speed rail system upgrades currently in progress across the country.

The Barcelona to Madrid high-speed rail link is 300km long and continuous monitoring of the rail link is provided by more than five hundred COE Series 300 and X-Net OPT-1 long-haul fibre video links.

Control centres in strategic locations monitor the line for maintenance and safety issues. The long haul transmission capabilities of the X-Net OPT-1 has enabled the operators, RENFE and ADIF, to keep control centre locations to a minimum, which has led to savings in manning and infrastructure costs.

More recently, COE supplied its X-Net high capacity video system for the new Alta Velocidad Espanola High speed link between Cordoba and Malaga. This latest phase of upgrade, consisting of over one hundred cameras, has included COE X-Net. The video system is used to monitor obstructions on the line and checks tunnels and bridges for vandalism and other safety related issues.