Communications system

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A communications system that can be used between police agencies, fire departments and other emergency responders has been introduced by BAE Systems.

Named First InterComm, the system uses existing radios and different frequencies, providing immediate connection when multiple agencies arrive at an incident scene.

The system is an upgrade of the company’s first responder communications technology and is compatible with trunked and conventional radio systems. According to BAE Systems, the new versions (vehicle communications assembly Model 200 and VCA200) are able to link all common radio equipment in use today.

The system consists of vehicle-mounted units and eliminates the towers or other infrastructure. It also enables the creation of ‘talk groups’ to prevent distractions from too many people talking on the radio at the same time and allows the exchange of video, geo-location information and other data.

Bob Ehrlich, First InterComm program manager for BAE Systems, said: ‘With the added capability to communicate with trunked radios, the First InterComm system provides complete interoperability at a fraction of the cost of other available systems.’