Composite throttle body

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Bosch has developed a throttle for engines made from a glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic material composite material.

Bosch has developed a new generation of throttles for engines that are made from a glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite material.

According to the company, the new components weighs 25% less and can be produced more economically than conventional metal throttle bodies.

Another benefit is that the opening angle of the valve of the throttle can be controlled more accurately.

What’s more, the company says that the throttles are safer in accidents, since components made from composite materials will break into multiple small parts under sudden impacts.

And cooling of the new throttles is unnecessary since the low heat conductivity of the composite material greatly lowers the risk of ice formation.

The new composite DV-E8 generation of throttle bodies are also easier to adapt to various engines and vehicle types than their metal equivalents, according to the company.

Housings and plugs for the device can be combined according to OEM requirements.