Corus unveils steel for wind towers

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Corus has unveiled a high-quality steel product for the renewable-energy market, following development work at its UK research labs.

Corus Special Profiles in Skinningrove, Teeside, has secured five European orders so far for its steel product, which is used in the construction of wind towers.

The orders were secured following development work by Corus engineers in Scunthorpe and Skinningrove, as well as at the company’s research labs in Rotherham. Researchers and engineers worked together to identify the exact processes needed to create the high-quality steel at the Skinningrove mill.

The steel is manufactured in Scunthorpe and transported to Skinningrove where steelworkers reheat it to 1,250°C before rolling it into the desired shape, according to customers’ requirements.The end product - a bar of steel that typically measures 15m in length and weighs 4 tonnes - undergoes rigorous inspection and testing, including ultrasonic scans, to ensure it is free from defects.

The steel is then shipped to manufacturers of flanges, which are used to join sections of tubular steel in the construction of towers for wind turbines.

The demand for wind turbines is growing rapidly around the world and the market for this specialist steel product is thought to be worth almost £100m a year.

Peter Gate, commercial manager for Corus Special Profiles, said: 'There are only a handful of companies around the world capable of making this product. There was a tremendous amount of commitment and enthusiasm from the Skinningrove workforce to develop it in a very short timeframe.'