DuPont founds semiconductor centre

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DuPont Electronic Technologies has established a Semiconductor Materials Technical Centre in Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park to focus on materials research for advanced semiconductor processes.

The facility is DuPont Taiwan Technical Centre’s (DTTC’s) third facility in Taiwan. It includes a single wafer processing capability, analytical and metrology tools, and is staffed with researchers in the field of semiconductor process technology. DuPont also has semiconductor materials research facilities in the US, Europe, and Japan.

A key beneficiary of the Semiconductor Materials Technical Centre will be DuPont EKC Technology, a DuPont Electronic Technologies business. EKC Technology specialises in post-etch cleaning and residue removal solutions for the semiconductor industry. The Centre will enable DuPont to accelerate the develop new technologies to support future processes and advanced designs. The Hsinchu facility also aims to improve product development cycle times.

DTTC was established in 2004. Since then, DTTC has worked closely with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, notably the “Two Trillion, Twin Stars” (T3S) project, which aims to grow Taiwan's semiconductor and display sectors to a value of NT$1 trillion (£16,500 million). TS3 established two centres that provide research for printed circuit materials, microcircuit materials, flat panel display technology, and green energy for solar panels and fuel cells.