Electrically powered aircraft makes its maiden flight

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The eGenius electrically powered two-seater aircraft has made its maiden flight this week in Germany.

Designed by the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart and sponsored by Airbus, the technology demonstrator made the 20-minute flight from an airfield in Mindelheim, Bavaria.

With a wingspan of 16.86m and maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 850kg, the eGenius’ 60kW propulsion system gives it a range of 400km with a cruise speed of up to 235km/h.

According to Airbus, data collected from the 20-minute flight will be analysed by the company’s Future Projects teams to further develop the technology.

Further test-flight envelopes are expected to be expanded following verification of the aircraft’s flight performance and the reliability of the electric propulsion.

eGenius facts and figures

• Wing span 16.86m

• MTOW 850 kg

• Wide fuselage for two pilots sitting side by side

• Range 400km

• Cruise speed up to 235km/h

• Engine power 60kW

• Equivalent energy consumption per 100km and passenger: 0.6 litres fuel

Source: EADS