Green hydrogen AEM electrolyser wins £1m Earthshot award

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Electrolyser technology that produces green hydrogen for numerous uses has been acknowledged with the ‘Fix our Climate’ prize in the inaugural Earthshot awards.

Electrolyser acknowledged with an inaugural Earthshot prize (Image: Enapter)

Enapter’s AEM electrolysers are in use in 40 countries, replacing fossil fuels in sectors including residential energy storage, mobility, industry, power-to-gas, heating and research.

The scaleable solution is standardised for mass production and from 2023 10,000 units will be built each month from the Enapter Campus in Germany.

Study to assess industrial scale green hydrogen production at Flotta

Cheaper catalyst makes green hydrogen from water

The patented AEM electrolysers have a production rate of 500NL/hr or 1.0785kg/24 hr, produce hydrogen with 99.9 per cent purity, and work with water specification of

<20 µS/cm at 25°C. The 55kg units measure 482mm x634mm x 307mm and can be stacked to achieve hydrogen production rates in the kilowatt to megawatt range.

The winners:

Protect and Restore Nature:

Republic of Costa Rica:  The winning project is a scheme paying local citizens to restore natural ecosystems that has led to a revival of the rainforest

Clean our Air:

Takachar, India: A portable machine that turns agricultural waste into fertiliser, which encourages farmers not to burn their fields and cause air pollution

Revive our Oceans:

Coral Vita, Bahamas:  Using special tanks, the winners developed a way to grow coral in the Bahamas up to 50 times faster than they normally take naturally

Build a Waste-Free World:

City of Milan Food Waste Hubs, Italy: Milan is acknowledged for collecting unused food and giving it to those in need, which cuts waste and hunger.

Italy-headquartered Enapter were one of five Earthshot prize winners announced yesterday, October 17 at a ceremony at Alexandra Palace, north London, where each of the winners were awarded £1m and access to a global network of professional and technical support to scale their environmental solutions.

Earthshot, created by HRH Prince William and The Royal Foundation, will award five £1m prizes each year for the next 10 years to provide at least 50 solutions to the world’s greatest environmental problems.