H2GO Power to trial HyAI system at EMEC

H2GO Power is set for trials of HyAI, its AI-powered hydrogen optimisation system, at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

EMEC's hydrogen production plant on Eday, Orkney. Image credit: Colin Keldie

The HyAI 2.0 project will involve integrating the system into EMEC’s hydrogen plant on the island of Eday. The project has received £494,000 funding from the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Energy Entrepreneur Fund.

H2GO Power’s cloud-based software platform HyAI uses machine learning and optimisation algorithms to make intelligent, data-driven decisions to ensure safety and reliability, and identify the most cost-effective times for hydrogen generation and storage.

The 12-month project will trial the software in two phases. The first phase involves running proof-of-value simulations with the AI software using data from commercial use cases provided by project partners EMEC and National Grid Gas Transmission.

The second phase will see the platform integrated into EMEC’s hydrogen production plant on Eday and tested as a fully integrated pilot.

HyAI aims to control hydrogen production in real time by combining historical and forecasted data on weather, renewable generation sources including wind and tidal, as well as hydrogen storage capacity and electricity prices.

H2GO Power and EMEC trial AI hydrogen technology

Multiple tests will be conducted to validate the efficacy of the HyAI software system, starting with system trials using advisory control ramping up to trials with semi-autonomous control.

“HyAI, alongside our smart hardware storage system, addresses the unique operational challenges that come with system design, production, storage, distribution and conversion of hydrogen as a commodity,” said Enas Abo-Hamed, co-founder and CEO at H2GO Power.

“This project is the start of many others in the pipeline. The commitment within this partnership, team competence and cutting-edge technology we’re trialling provide all the ingredients to give confidence in successful outcomes of the project and a promising scalable commercial offering.”

Corinna Jones, head of hydrogen innovation at National Grid Gas Transmission said that data analytics will play a ‘vital part’ in the UK energy network’s transition as we’re seeing an ‘ever increasing complexity’ associated with managing the network and a greater reliance on renewable energy sources.

“Building on last year’s successful HyAI pilot project, which demonstrated the value of the model in a simulation with real-word data, we’re delighted to strengthen our partnership with H2GO Power and support their HyAI platform’s route to commercialisation through the use of our test facilities,” added Rob Flynn, commercial manager at EMEC.