US rail operator Amtrak has placed an order with Smiths Detection for additional Sabre 4000 advanced explosives detection systems to expand screening capabilities of passengers, trains and stations.

Smiths Detection

announced recently that


has purchased additional Sabre 4000 advanced explosives detection systems to expand its capability for screening passengers, trains and stations.

Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry, the hand-held system quickly detects and identifies explosives, narcotics, chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

Smiths Detection claims the Sabre 4000 can detect explosives in 10 seconds with a full analysis in 20 seconds, completing the entire process in under a minute. In addition, with the dual-sample collection capability, it can be used to collect and review swabs and vapour samples.

Cherif Rizkalla, president of Smiths Detection, Americas, said: ‘We are pleased that our initial systems utilised by Amtrak were effective in helping maintain the safety of train commuters with minimum disturbance.’

Stephen Phipson, group managing director of Smiths Detection, said: 'The technology, accuracy, speed and portability make the Sabre 4000 an ideal security solution for many environments, including mass transit, airports, ports, border crossings and critical infrastructures.’